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By attending FilmLab's classes, groups, and chats, every student and student's parent agrees to the following rules :

1) Be respectful to students and educators.

2) Be respectful of students' backgrounds and cultural identity

3) Work with what is given to you by the educators. Follow directions

4) Listen to others and what they have to say

5) Be respectful of other students' ideas

6) Strive to get the most out of classes as an individual, and do not disrupt educators, other students, and their learning

7) Our educators are working hard to teach you from a place of experience and knowledge. Students are not to teach other students in class in contrast or disagreement with FilmLab's learnings, or to disrupt delivery of content and learning.

8) Please dress respectfully to classes, whether they are online or in person. (Be ready to work in comfortable, modest clothing)

9) Carry out your expected homework in time. If you cannot, please advise one of our educators ahead of time

10) While going above and beyond is encouraged in your own growth as a student, stay within the requirements and scope of what is expected within you for our classes, groups, and chats

11) Only use FilmLab class chats for learning purposes and related to tasks requested

12) If a private inquiry must be had to do with furthering independent learning then please directly inquire with FilmLab Academy to book in additional learning

13) Please show the same respect to your classmates and teachers as you would like to receive in turn

14) Any direct communications with teachers or directors is to remain professional and respectful. Any abuse of direct communications by a student can lead to direct communications being cut off, further abuse of group chats means group chats being cut off, and multiple warnings can lead to student dismissal

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