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You can now book directly into classes and pay online!

If you wish to try a class, you can contact us via the form at the bottom of the page, and we will respond with trial availability

If you wish to join mid-term, we absolutely support that! Please contact us to discuss when you wish to book from and to be able to obtain a code for booking mid-term to only pay for classes remaining in the term!

About Our Classes

All of our classes are booked via a form, as we will be in touch with you to process them


No Experience required, and experienced students welcome and supported for growth

We welcome students of all abilities, backgrounds, and experience levels.

Our classes are booked by the term, with a full year's curriculum by our teachers. Numbers are also limited. Once numbers are reached, we will place new registrations on a waiting list.


Term-Based, Yearly Learning

Our classes are weekly, booked and run by the term, with a full year's curriculum by our teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to teach you over the course of the full year, although we book subjects by the term. We work through the year to build your skills, provide opportunities for those learnings to be applied and displayed, and where possible, we will assist in finding you opportunities outside and on-top of your classes as well.


Real film productions every year!

*Separate Charges Apply

Step into the spotlight at FilmLab Academy, where our commitment to excellence extends to film productions. In collaboration with GP2 Entertainment, we offer special intensives that provide real production experiences and casting opportunities for our students.

These projects, including our award-winning web-series "Diana," are not only submitted to film festivals but are also released and shared with our students for their showreel material.

As an ongoing Filmlab student, you become part of our vibrant community, showcased on our website, and we actively support you in discovering opportunities and auditions in the industry.

Our Locations & Location-Specific Offerings

Available Classes
(Click for info & locations within)
- More Classes Coming Soon!

No experience is necessary for any training classes!
Experienced performers also very welcome and catered for.

1. Choose your first class and BOOK
2. Contact us for a discount code for your second and/or further class booking

  • MON 6:30PM - BARDON TERM 3 2024 - Acting for Film + Voice (15+ YEARS)

    Starts Jul 8

    590 Australian dollars

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    Starts Jul 9

    490 Australian dollars

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  • WED 4:30PM ACACIA RIDGE TERM 2 2024 - 9 Weeks (Less 1 Pub Hol) - Film ...

    Starts Jul 10

    390 Australian dollars

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  • WED 6:15PM - ACACIA RIDGE TERM 3 2024 -Film & Voice acting (12-15+. 10...

    Starts Jul 10

    490 Australian dollars

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  • FRI 5PM - CLEVELAND TERM 3 2024 - Film & Voice acting (12-15 YEARS. 10...

    Starts Jul 12

    490 Australian dollars

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  • 2024 Short Film Intensive - INTENSIVE DAY - Full Day - 5th of July (De...

    Starts Jul 5

    385 Australian dollars

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Want to try a class before committing?

Simply complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Accreditation and Performance Grading at FilmLab Academy

At FilmLab Academy, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in performance arts. Therefore, we incorporate foundation teachings of the AMEB and Trinity curriculum in our classes to ensure that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Accreditation Options: Accreditation from the AMEB and Trinity curriculum is available as an optional feature at key points throughout the year. We recognize the value of formal recognition for our students' achievements, and we provide opportunities for them to pursue accreditation. Detailed requirements and associated costs will be transparently communicated to parents at the relevant times.

Encouragement, Not Compulsion: While we strongly encourage students to undergo grading as it can be a valuable and rewarding experience, we do not enforce it. We believe in fostering a positive and supportive learning environment where students can choose their path based on their individual preferences and goals.

Flexibility and Support: Our approach allows for flexibility, ensuring that students and parents can make informed decisions about accreditation based on their unique circumstances. Our team is dedicated to supporting students in their artistic journey, whether they choose to pursue accreditation or not.

At FilmLab Academy, our priority is to nurture creativity, skill development, and a love for the performing arts. We are committed to providing a holistic education that aligns with the aspirations of each student.

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