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FilmLab Academy was founded by International, Award-Winning Screenwriter and Filmmaker, Peter Koevari of GP2 Entertainment, known for writing, producing, and directing genre films produced in Queensland, and as Director of AFIN International Film Festival.

Our educators were specially selected for their film experience, global mindset, and warm cultural fit.

Our curriculum is designed to teach you over the course of the full year, although we book subjects by the term. While our subjects are currently non-accredited courses, there are many advantages to studying a non-accredited course, which can build your knowledge and skillset, with less cost, and learning in short periods of time.

We work through the year to build toward an on-stage production, film productions, with different classes' learnings crossing over into those productions. 

Our educators will work with you, build your skills, and the end of year shows are an opportunity for those learnings to be applied and displayed, on top of many opportunities to do this in-class, throughout the year. Where possible, we will assist in finding you opportunities outside and on-top of your classes as well.


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Terms around enrolments, refunds, filming, etc

We take student safety and ability to engage in class seriously

To study with us, all students agree to the student rules

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